RFID-Based Tracking Solution for Loading Error Minimization

Jysk ensures delivery accuracy by fully automated tracking of position and direction movement of outgoing pallets

The distribution center in Nässjö supplies 200 stores of the globally active Danish furniture retailer JYSK with goods such as mattresses, chairs, tables and bed linen. The products are picked and packed daily on 1,000 to 2,000 pallets. External drivers then load the pallets onto their trucks. All manual processes are potentially error-prone. The use of RFID technology helps to avoid loading errors.

Your Benefits

  • Error free loading process
  • Ensured delivery accuracy
  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • The ready pallets are loaded by external truck drivers onto their trucks

  • The distribution center in Nässjö supplies 200 stores of the furniture retailer JYSK

  • The readers detect multiple tags ''on-the-fly'' even when passing through at high speed

Eliminating loading errors

To minimize the error-prone nature of the manual processes, Jysk automated the tracking of the pallets with a RFID system, which is linked to the company’s Warehouse Management System. It consists of disposable RFID tags, direction detecting RFID reader gates and traffic lights to indicate the correctness of loading. 

This way, external truck drivers can easily recognize weather the pallets they are loading are the correct ones or not. Jysk has gained increased customer satisfaction due to ensured delivery accuracy.

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