Identification of Mobile Containers

In the pharmaceutical industry, the purity of products is particularly important. Opening and closing sealed containers presents a safety risk.

With the BL ident RFID system from Turck, mobile containers can be checked without the need to open them. Using the HF RFID technology, the central container data, such as content, time stamp or perforation are automatically saved, called up and checked, excluding errors and increasing production efficiency.


  • The BL ident RFID system ensures product quality through the automatic detection of mobile containers
  • High flexibility — can be used with various components

  • The read/write head reads and writes to the tag on the mobile containers...

  • … so the container can be clearly identified

  • TN-Q14-0.15-RS4.47T read/write head

  • BL ident tag with 128-byte storage

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