Distribution lines for field sprayers

Faster installation and longer service life thanks to IP69K distributor for connecting CAN valves

CAN valves often regulate the spray volume on field sprayers in order to always apply the correct amount of pesticides. Turck's pre-assembled Y cables enable these valves to be wired quickly and without errors. The fullyovermolded overmolded overmolded CAN distribution cables are resistant to aggressive spray media. Superseal connectors guarantee a reliable hold even under strong vibrations. And should a cable nevertheless be damaged, only the defective splitter has to be replaced. This saves time and service costs.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable control of the CAN valves for precise dosing of the spray agent
  • Economical connection of the injection valves with the control system via CAN distribution cables with superseal plug
  • Fast and error-free wiring and shortened installation time thanks to pre-assembled cables
  • Chemical resistance and protection class IP67/69K guarantee long service life

Individual plug connection for reliable connection of injection valves

With Turck's Y-splitter, solutions can be individually and modularly assembled. The cable jacket, grip body and overmolding are made entirely of durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). In addition to IP67 and IP69K protection classes, the CAN distributors also meet the high requirements of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery for tightness and mechanical resistance. 

  • The Y-splitters can be modularly assembled and easily connected

  • Superseal connectors guarantee a long service life of the system - despite vibrations

  • Robust CAN distribution cables facilitate the connection of CAN devices in agricultural machinery

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