Decentralized RFID Package Verification

Retrofittable RFID tracking system eliminates errors from the packaging process

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict documentation requirements. Every single production step must be documented, including the packaging of the drugs. 
Packaging machines used in the pharmaceutical industry must check the contents of each individual packaging unit and document the result. When a single packaging unit contains a variety of containers, this process become much more complex. The system needs to be extra flexible to accommodate the frequently changing packaging unit configurations. Process documentation is not necessarily integrated in production lines consisting of machines from different manufacturers. 

Your Benefits

  • Requires minimal intervention in existing systems
  • FAT carried out by the manufacturer, ensuring quick installation and commissioning
  • Complete system from a single source
  • Multiprotocol Ethernet for easy internationalization

  • The filling of folding boxes is monitored during process

  • The trigger sensor and read/write head are mounted underneath the conveyor belt to save space

  • HMI indicates the error in the packaging process and enables changes to be made in the process workflow

Complete Decentralized System from a Single Source

When tracking and documentation functions need to be retrofitted, decentralized solutions are extremely beneficial: Existing systems and controllers only need minimal adjustments.
Turck offers a complete, turnkey solution comprising RFID system, HMI operating devices and I/O modules, including connection technology. The packaging unit is equipped with an adhesive tag. At each station in the system where a product is placed in the packaging, a read/write head writes this information on the packaging unit tag. At the end of the process, the tag information is compared with the setpoint of the system's main controller. If the values differ, the ID system activates an actuator, which removes the respective unit from the system for a manual inspection. 

Turnkey System including FAT

A BL20 CODESYS controller with connected HMI controls the system. The entire system can be delivered as a turnkey solution — with Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) carried out at Turck. Furthermore, the magnetic fields of the read/write heads have zero impact on the pharmaceuticals. 

Flexibly Mapping 30 Packaging Configurations

The configuration of the packaged units changes irregularly. The ID system contains 30 configurations that the user can easily select themselves via the HMI when there are changes in production. 

Multiprotocol Ethernet for Worldwide Use

The system communicates via Turck's multiprotocol Ethernet standard and can therefore be operated in networks with PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP without user intervention. The controller of the ID system is programmed in CODESYS.

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