Dual Valve Position Feedback

The Austrian plant manufacturer, GAW Technologies, relies on dual sensors from Turck for position feedback of their valves

The Austrian plant manufacturer, GAW Technologies, is known worldwide for its reprocessing plants for chemicals and coating colors for the paper and cardboard industry. To monitor the status of their innumerable valves efficiently and reliable, the company relies on dual sensors from Turck.

  • Even dirt or moisture can't harm the encapsulated dual sensor

  • The terminal chamber with a removable terminal block allows easy installation and maintenance

For more than 60 years, the name GAW stands for capacity and quality in industrial plant manufacturing. The family enterprise, based in Graz in Austria, is the center of the international operating group of companies – GAW Group – whose activities concentrate on four different business areas: paper and cardboard, automobile, chemical and environmental technologies

GAW (Grazer Armaturen Werke) quickly developed into a worldwide market leader for procedural plants. Today, the focal point is the development and construction of coating color machines and reprocessing plants for chemicals for the paper and cardboard industry.

Innumerable valves
In the reprocessing plants, fresh water, waste water and chemicals that are needed for the coating color and other machines are processed. Therefore, the plants need a large amount of pneumatic and manual shut-off valves and ball valves. For a smooth manufacturing process, it is necessary to receive as many status reports about every single valve as possible. GAW was looking for an economic and secure solution for the final surveillance of their instruments. Turck was the answer for the pneumatic valves.

The terminal chamber allowed GAW to reduce the amount of device types, resulting in less complicated purchasing and storage. Furthermore, the sensors are easier and faster to install, compared with models that need a fix wiring. The customers of GAW benefit as well, because the regular maintenance of the engines is much faster and more secure with the removable terminal blocks. Without the terminal block, every single lead needs to be disconnected and reattached. That takes a long time and easily leads to errors.

This is not the situation with sensors from Turck. The single connections stay fixed and the opening of the terminal chamber separates the terminal block from the electronics. A protective cover guarantees that the electrical connections are re-established again by simply closing the case. Next to the status reports of pneumatic actuators, GAW uses sensors from Turck also for other applications. Several hundred two-way sensors operate at the GAW plants.

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