Identification of Big Bags and Bioreactors

In the pharmaceutical industry, big bags and reactors are frequently used to store raw materials and live precursors. After the big bags have been removed from the outer packaging, it is difficult to retrospectively determine if they are, for example, still sterile.

Identification using a barcode or affixed label is problematic as the color and/or adhesive could diffuse through the foil and consequently contaminate the product.

Turck has developed special RFID tags that solve the problem. They are simply affixed to the big bag or bioreactor using special cable ties. A handheld device enables data to be read universally.


  • The identification of big bags and bioreactors with the BL ident RFID system increases product quality and process reliability
  • Automatic allocation of hose connections during production in single-use systems

  • The tags are affixed to the big bag using special cable ties

  • The tag can be read anywhere using the handheld device

  • The tags are available in various shapes and sizes

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