The BL20 energy measurement module enables precise monitoring of the energy consumption of single-phase or three-phase systems

Energy Measurement Module for BL20 I/O System

Turck is expanding the BL20 I/O system with 3-phase energy measurement terminals to create an integrated energy management solution

Turck is expanding its BL20 I/O system with 3-phase energy measurement modules for 1 A and 5 A current transformers to create a comprehensive energy management solution. The modules enable continuous monitoring of the energy consumption of single-phase or three-phase systems and allow easy integration into existing systems via multiprotocol Ethernet (Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP), EtherCAT, OPC-UA or MQTT. The solution can also be expanded with analog and IO-Link sensors to provide additional options for data acquisition and analysis.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible implementation with standards such as CODESYS and OPC-UA instead of specific island solutions
  • Transparent presentation of energy data on clear dashboards, locally or in the cloud
  • Efficient analysis of the energy requirements of machines and systems

Effective energy monitoring and optimization

By analyzing the energy data directly in Codesys, users gain immediate insight into their energy efficiency and can take appropriate measures to optimize it. The transparent presentation of energy data via clear dashboards, locally or in the cloud, enables users to effectively monitor their energy consumption data anytime and anywhere. The energy measurement modules with IP20 protection are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications in many sectors, including mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, logistics, packaging, food and beverages and the chemical industry.


  • Automotive industry 
  • Logistics 
  • Packaging


  • Continuous data acquisition and transmission of 1- or 3-phase systems
  • Simple integration into higher-level systems via multiprotocol Ethernet or OPC-UA 
  • Direct analysis and processing of energy data in CODESYS


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All Details about the BL20 I/O System with Energy Measurement Modules

Approvals, data sheets, technical specifications, instructions, certificates, CAD data and more


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