• Sensor to Cloud

    Seamless communication between sensors and the cloud form the backbone of digitized processes in production and logistics — Turck has the right IIoT System with decentralized data.

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  • Decentralized automation

    Turck offers robust solutions for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT, such as for cabinet-free automation on modular machines, track & trace or condition monitoring

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  • Digital Innovation Park

    Turck's "Digital Innovation Park" digital showcase features automation trends and innovations for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT.

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  • Automotive

    The automotive industry demands robust products that can survive the toughest of conditions regardless if its body and assembly, body in white, stamping or powertrain.

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  • Logistics

    Turck's solutions for efficient warehousing and transparent flow of goods are powerful automation and identification systems, if required with decentralized intelligence.

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  • Chemical

    Working with chemicals is no easy task, but Turck is up to the challenge. We understand that sealing and corrosion resistance are critical to your application's success.

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  • Pharma

    The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by strict hygiene requirements, aggressive cleaning processes and short cycle times.

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  • Food and Beverage

    When your application demands the highest standards of cleanliness, Turck offers robust IP rated hygenic solutions that you can be confident in.

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  • Mobile Equipment

    Shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures are just the beginning of what mobile equipment applications face on a daily basis. Turck rises to the challenge.

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Comprehensive M12 Power Portfolio

Range of integrated solutions for decentralized power supplies expanded

Linux-based Condition Monitoring Center

Compact rail control center for collecting, processing and forwarding condition data to IIoT

IO-Link Portfolio Expanded

8-port master in IP67, 4-port master in IP20 and I/O hubs with aux power complete the portfolio

Simplified Handling of IO-Link

IO-Link masters facilitate the parameterization, commissioning and maintenance of IO-Link devices

Inductive Sensors for CFRP Detection

The world's first inductive sensors for detecting Carbon fiber reinforced polymer

RFID Read/Write Head for Ex Zone 1/21

The world's first HF RFID read/write head for direct use in ATEX Zone 1/21

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