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Agile Processes and Flexibility for Efficient Production

Industrial production is changing. Digital processes, agile manufacturing and modular machines are the answer to the trend toward greater flexibility. IO-Link is the appropriate interface for this: It facilitates production in batch size 1 by adjusting parameters from the controller. It enables transparency and diagnostics through the use of advanced communication with the devices. It standardizes the wiring for the last meter. It embodies the future of automation and already saves on wiring costs and commissioning times.

White paper download:Condition Monitoring with IO-Link

IO-Link provides you with the condition data of your machine. In the white paper “Condition Monitoring with IO-Link,” you will learn how you can protect your machine from unplanned downtimes using the intelligent interface.

Profinet integration is finally easy

The aim of IO-Link is to make automation easier. However, up until now, the integration of IO-Link devices into Profinet projects has often been associated with a high level of programming effort. The “Simple IO-Link Device Integration,” or SIDI for short, now enables devices to be integrated via drag-and-drop – as if they were Profinet devices. The necessary parameters, such as measuring ranges can therefore be entered in plain text fields. Simply select other options from drop-down menus. This enables consistent offline engineering and accelerates the commissioning of your system.

Your Advantages at a Glance

As an IO-Link user, you benefit from numerous advantages, above all from reduced machine costs, more efficient production processes and higher availability of your machines and systems.

Reduced Machine Costs

  • Reduced inventory due to intelligent multi-purpose devices
  • Only one I/O module and one inexpensive standard cable required
  • Reduced I/O footprint possible
  • Displays and switches no longer required on devices
  • Reduced engineering and assembly costs and automatic documentation of device parameters during the engineering phase

Efficient Processes

  • Exhaustive parameterization options for just in time parameter changes to devices
  • Efficient processes requiring different parameter sets for switching thresholds, gain, sensitivity and so forth due to differing production conditions
  • Faster tool change operations

Improved Machine Availability

  • Comprehensive status information and diagnostic capabilities in the plant lead to drastically reduced machine downtime
  • Enhanced information enables cost saving mechanisms such as predictive maintenance or asset management to be easily implemented
  • Device replacement without manual intervention to parameterize the new unit alleviates the need for qualified personnel
IO-Link system expertise

IO-Link system expertise

The strength of IO-Link lies in the system. Because Turck offers both the master level and the devices, we understand the interface down to the last detail. We have been around since the introduction of IO-Link and today offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios with many unique products and solutions.


As a solution provider to a Chinese automotive supplier, Turck shows that its IO-Link solution for signal connection saves money through simple and fast wiring.



Inductive couplers not only transmit data into the containers of the Swiss pharmaceutical container manufacturer Hanag, but also identify themselves via IO-Link.


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