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IMXK interface devices for use in modular machines and compact control cabinets


IMXK: Compact Interface Technology for Modular Automation

Process technology is now fully part of the trend toward modularization. The compact plant modules reduce commissioning times for end customers and turnaround times for plant manufacturers while offering both of them greater flexibility. However, installing a large control cabinet for each module is not efficient.

With the release of the IMXK series of devices, isolating switching amplifiers and analog signal isolators that have been specially developed for installation in low-depth cabinets have been brought on the market for the first time. Measuring 12.5 millimeters, these interface devices are just as narrow as conventional IMX devices and with a thickness of just 77 millimeters, they fit perfectly into compact control cabinets and other control cabinet solutions for modular process systems. 

35% Lower Mounting Depth than Conventional Isolating Switching Amplifiers

Less is sometimes more — especially when it comes to installing signal isolators and barriers in small control cabinets. Many compact control cabinets and small housings from notable cabinet manufacturers only have a thickness of 80 or 150 millimeters. Conventional isolating switching amplifiers and other devices for supplying power in hazardous areas do not fit into these housings.

The entire IMXK interface device series is only 77 millimeters deep and at 12.5 millimeters as slim as standard IMX devices. IMXK interface devices support the trend toward small flexible switching housings. The IMXK series is on par with large IMX devices in terms of measurement accuracy, speed and other key data.  

Always up to Date with the Latest Technology — for over 50 Years

Turck launched its first product in 1965: An interface device. And while Turck's devices have continued to become more accurate, speedy and compact over the last 50 years, they all still perform the same tasks: powering devices, transmitting signals, disconnecting circuits and above all keeping your plant safe.

Whitepaper: Five Strategies for Avoiding Hot Spots in Control Cabinets

The whitepaper provides information on the causes of excessive heat generation in switch cabinets and identifies resulting problems. Five strategies for control cabinet assembly are provided as possible solutions. Find out which strategy is suitable to regulate the heat generation in your switch cabinet.

Ex Isolation in Modular Process Plants

Compact interface technology in modular process plants significantly reduces the time-to-market.


Compact in the Control Cabinet

The IMX12 isolating switching amplifiers and IM36 potentiometer amplifiers save space in the control cabinets used in hazardous areas that are from German manufacturer, Wilhelm Niemann Maschinenfabrik.


Measuring, isolating, powering: Turck interface technology works seamlessly in every control cabinet

IMX12 for Hazardous Areas

Featuring slim 12.5-mm housings, the hazardous area isolated barriers and ex-analog signal isolators of the IMX12 device series offer the highest signal density on the market. The incredible speed, accuracy and flexibility of the MX12 devices also makes them stand out across all markets.

IM12 for Standard Applications

The devices of the IM12 product series process digital and analog signals from field devices in safe areas in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. However, the devices can also be used in factory automation, for example for recording temperature or speed.

IMXK for Flat Control Cabinets in Hazardous Areas

Conventional interface devices do not fit in low-depth control cabinets and yet small protective housings are often installed specifically in modular process systems. This is where our IMXK devices are ideal: Same performance in 35% lower depth housing.

The entire IMXK series has been approved for all major international markets.

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