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Whether for generation, transport, storage or use, you can shorten the time-to-market of your H2 projects with decentralized automation solutions from Turck – 360-degree solutions for sustainable automation up to Zone 0.


Automation for Hydrogen Projects in the Shortest Possible Time 

The hydrogen infrastructure must be massively expanded in the coming years – be it in the provision of electrolyzers and other plants for hydrogen production, pipelines and ships for hydrogen transport, tanks and other storage technologies, or fuel cells and other plants for using hydrogen.


Turck automation solutions bring your hydrogen projects faster to the market. Turck has decades of experience in the automation of comparable plants with LNG, natural gas and other explosive gases.

With this experience and the right automation concept, we can implement your hydrogen project faster than other suppliers. The project experience of our experts plays a decisive role in this. Choosing the right automation solution is crucial to avoid lengthy commissioning or costly troubleshooting in the final phase of a project, and thus to get to market faster. 

Hydrogen exists in the universe since 13 billion years, but now time is running, as the simplest and most abundant molecule in the universe is set to become a mainstay of the future energy supply. Before you waste any more time: Automate your hydrogen projects with Turck.

These Solutions Reduce Your Time-to-Market

It's often the little things that end up delaying projects. The following solutions enable your hydrogen project to take the fastest route.

Decentralized automation for modular plants – MTP ready

Turck's solutions for decentralized automation are made up from a comprehensive portfolio of I/O systems, controllers and safety technology with IP67 protection. 


  • Faster commissioning, with robust quick connectors and decentralized I/O systems to reduce mechanical effort involved with protective housings and wiring
  • Improved system scalability, since outsourcing the control function to stand-alone modules simplifies expansions – an invaluable benefit especially in the dynamic hydrogen economy
  • Decentralized controllers enable systems to be tested before they are integrated into higher-level systems
  • Optional integration of "Module Type Package" (MTP) machine semantics further increases module interconnectivity and flexibility

System options for decentralized automation

  • Decentralized I/O system solution with I/O level, Ex isolation, Ethernet switches and controllers with IP67 protection – also for signals from Zone 1 and 0
  • Retrofit solutions for converting fieldbus signals to Industrial Ethernet, e.g. with the TX700Q HMI controller – also with fiber optic coupling
  • Modular I/O systems for maximum signal diversity for mounting up to Zone 1 (excom) or Zone 2 (excom and BL20)

Condition Monitoring – also in the Ex area

Condition monitoring involves the systematic monitoring of the state of your machines and plants. This enables you to always have the latest information on the condition of your machines. 


  • Condition monitoring, for example by monitoring the operating time of a control valve, allows faults to be identified early on and rectified in a scheduled operation
  • The data obtained can also be used to identify patterns that can be used, for example, to better predict plant utilization

Systems and products for condition monitoring

  • Turck's I/O systems with multiprotocol Ethernet provide a parallel data channel for communicating status data for condition monitoring
  • For high-availability applications in hazardous areas, Turck offers the excom I/O system with variants for all Ex zones as well as the safe area – also as an Ethernet variant 
  • Turck's Ethernet block I/O systems also enable parallel data access and a host of diagnostic functions for condition monitoring – also for ATEX areas 
  • Turck offers the CCM series of cabinet guards for monitoring the status of control cabinets, with or without integrated sensors, with a pre-installed operating system or as a Linux variant for in-house software – also for hazardous areas
  • Turck also has a wide range of Namur sensors and other sensors for use in hazardous areas in its program
  • RFID systems for use in Zone 2 allow automatic identification of equipment parts for improved wear detection – also for hazardous areas
  • Turck's edge controllers also allow visualization and pre-processing of the data in addition to data forwarding

360-degree solutions – worldwide from a single source

Not every application can be implemented without a control cabinet. If systems nevertheless have to be brought to market quickly, outsourcing mechanical work and testing to your automation partner may be a critical factor. These tasks are handled by Turck mechatec, our in-house professionals for engineering and control cabinet construction.


  • Pre-wired control cabinets and factory acceptance tests at the automation partner shorten time-to-market and commissioning
  • It can thus be cheaper on balance to outsource mechanical work, as it is often a more laborious and expensive task at the end customer's site
  • Everything from a single source: customers have one contact person, who is responsible for all services and finds solutions
  • Decades of experience with automation projects for conveying, storing, transporting and processing explosive gases 
  • Worldwide network of subsidiaries and sales partners guarantees globally uniform solutions and support

Webinar: Time-to-Market Hydrogen

Dialogue with our experts

In the webinar "Time-to-Market Hydrogen" on August 30, our three experts will answer questions such as "How hydrogen infrastructure projects can be realized faster?" and "How can their availability be increased?" In the webinar you will have the opportunity to address your questions directly to our experts.

Key facts:
Wed. Aug. 30 – 4:00 p.m., duration 45 minutes.


  • Aurel Buda, Director Product Management Factory Automation Systems
  • Peter Praske, Director Product Management Process Automation
  • Jan Gubini, Key Account Manager Process Automation

These Projects Prove: Turck Can Do Hydrogen

Thanks to decades of experience with process automation in explosion-proof areas, we are able to automate your hydrogen project quickly and efficiently right from the start. Convince yourself.

Decentralized I/O Solution in Ex Zone for H2-Fueling Station

Faster commissioning and better scalability for hydrogen infrastructure thanks to IP67 remote I/O technology for all ATEX zones



Profibus DP-based process automation in explosion-protected and safe areas



Turck’s TBEN block I/O modules with their own LabVIEW driver improve system flexibility and mobility in test stands for fuel cells at FutureE


Improve your Sustainability Balance through Automation

Even beyond H2 projects, automation can make your production more efficient and energy-saving. Learn more about the solutions we can support you with on our sustainability topic page.

Products for the Hydrogen Infrastructure

These products and systems get your hydrogen project faster to market

IP67 I/O modules – also for Zone 2

Turck's I/O modules with multiprotocol Ethernet, combined with special protective housings, can also be used in Ex Zone 2. They also offer logic control functions as a standard feature. This simplifies modular and scalable plant concepts and reduces the load on the controller.

Condition monitoring for control cabinets

With three on-board sensors, Turck's slimline 12 or 18 mm control cabinet guards monitor temperature, humidity and door gap. The IM18-CCM series, with an open Linux platform or user-friendly siineos operating system, also allows external sensors to be connected and transmits measured values to the IT world via Ethernet.

Safety modules with integrated safety controller

IP67 block I/Os enable cabinet-free safety functions. Safety controllers enable safety applications to be tested offline and controlled remotely in live operation.

Edge controller and decentralized logic

Turck offers one of the most diverse portfolios of edge controllers, i.e.: controllers with a cloud connection, with or without display. Our I/O solutions – with IP20 or IP67 protection – also bring logic to the field and thus replace or relieve the PLC – even in Ex Zone 2.

Ethernet in Ex areas

Ethernet is only gradually gaining acceptance in Ex areas. Our technology page explains the reasons for this and how you can use Ethernet today in hazardous areas for digital process optimization.

Isolators and barriers

Our interface technology devices for the galvanic isolation of signals from the hazardous area offer the highest signal density on the market. Devices for safe areas as well as compact devices for small control boxes complete the range.

Ask an Expert

If you have any questions about our hydrogen solutions or about a specific device, simply use or contact form. Our experts will be pleased to help you.

Jan Gubini

Key Account Manager Process Automation

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